Saturday, November 26, 2011

Kurt Adler Angel With Star Tree Topper

Kurt Adler Angel with Stars Tree Topper

Adorn the top of your holiday tree with this Victorian-inspired Kurt Adler 10-Inch 10 Light Gold Angel With Stars Treetopper.

This beautiful gold angel treetopper is lit with ten Fiber optic lights which highlight and feature her long, gold gown with a white lace overlay and ribbons.

The beautiful angel tree topper has long hair, 2 large wings trimmed in a gold outline, and is holding 2 light-up gold star candles,

Measuring 10 inches tall, this Kurt Adler Angel with Star Tree Topper will compliment and enhance your holiday indoor decor this holiday season.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mickey Mouse Tree Topper Illuminates and Delights!

Ho-ho-ho, and around they go! Get ready for a holiday adventure with Mickey Mouse in the sleigh, he and the beloved cast of Disney characters bring a festive holiday spirit to your animated Christmas decorations.

With a little pixie magic from Tinker Bell, Pluto leads Mickey and his sleigh to fond Christmas memories with this festive illuminated, rotating Disney Tree topper, available from The Bradford Exchange.

This Disney's Timeless Holiday Treasures Tree Topper by The Bradford Exchange is brimming with enchanting details and famous Disney characters including an old-fashioned sleigh filled with Mickey Mouse and vintage-inspired Disney toys, all meticulously hand-cast and hand-painted by expert artisans.

LED lights within the fully sculpted, multi-faceted star create a magical glowing effect while the sleigh actually rotates around the star! If you have been searching for a Mickey Mouse Tree Topper to complete your holiday decor, this is it! This tree topper will not only enchant the Disney fan in all of us, but as a Disney collectible it will bring many years of season joy!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Animated Christmas Movies -Disney,Peanuts, and Polar Express

Each year my family and I gather around the television, pop corn in hand, and watch our favorite Christmas movies.

Among our favorites is Elf with Will Ferrell, Bob Newhart, and Ed Asner, to name a few of the stars featured in the movie.

One of our other favorite Christmas time movies is Polar Express. At times watching this animated movie, we are in awe of the animation and how the characters and the scenery is all so real. The movie is wonderful, and the experience is second to none.

This year we plan to expand our animated holiday movies with Disney's A Christmas Carol. It's bound to be enjoyable and to be our newest favorite addition to our Christmas traditions!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Add This Adorable Animated Christmas Moose To Your Holiday Decor

Look how adorable this animated Christmas Moose is and how wonderful it would look as part of your holiday decorating!

This moose can be part of your indoor or outdoor decor. As outdoor yard art, Mr. Moose can welcome guests, and keep a watchful eye on the neighboring squirrels, birds, and rabbits.

Inside, this animated moose decoration will make a statement all its own. Or it can be part of a holiday display featuring the great outdoors and wildlife. Singing "It's The Most Wonderful Time of The Year", antler lit with lights, and green and red trimmed scarf around its neck,the Christmas Moose is a must have!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Animated Christmas Tree Toppers - Santa, Mickey Mouse, and Angel

Traditional trees often have a Christmas Star, often these are lighted, but not animated. Our tree topper is an angel with lights in both her right and left hands. Having an animated tree topper would be fun, I think.

Santa Tree Topper ~ Animated

Like the animated Santa tree topper pictured above. It is a Thomas Kinkade design, so it illuminates as well being animated. The artist's attention to detail is evident in this handcrafted and hand-painted tree topper. Santa rides in the sleigh as the reindeer carry him through the night in a circular pattern around your tree. The star on the topper is illuminated and each of the reindeer saddles show one of the Thomas Kinkade holiday classics.

Mickey Mouse Tree Topper

Many homes have more than one Christmas tree and if there is one specifically for the children or for the Disney fans, the Mickey Mouse animated tree topper is ideal. Of course Mickey Mouse brings cheer and good tidings to all with his smile and festive attire. Carrying a lantern, Mickey's Lighted Animated Tree Top Disney Ornament leads the way to holiday cheer.

Angel Tree Topper are Beautiful Animated Christmas Decorations

The animated angel tree topper featured below in ivory and gold brings messages of hope and joy to the holiday season. With fiber optic lighting this topper will not get hot, and will save energy while capturing the meaning of the season and spreading joy.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Add Department 56 Accessories To Your Village Display

Villagers Will Be Sledding, Building A Snowman, and Playing Hockey with these Department 56 Village accessories.

Outfit your village display with the seasonal outdoor activities enjoyed by children of all ages.

Sledders glide down the majestic hill, while village children join in making a town snowman, and children play a game of hockey on the village frozen pond.

Add one of these animated accessories to your collection or purchase the whole Department 56 Village Animated Accessory Set for a complete launch to a perfect holiday village design.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Animated Tree Ornaments - Thomas Kinkade and Kurt Adler

Thomas Kinkade Victorian Christmas Crossing Animated Christmas Tree Ornament by The Bradford Exchange

The Thomas Kinkade collection includes this illuminated animated Christmas ornament. With beauty and attention to detail the painter of light offers the Thomas Kinkade Victorian Christmas Crossing ornament. This limited edition ornament features a moving train that carries carloads of holiday cheer with tracks that run through the tunnels and around a decorated charming Victorian house. With attention to detail and meticulously handcrafted, this treasure will put holiday happiness in motion.

Kurt Adler 250mm Plastic and Resin Musical Ball with Revolving Ice-Skating Christmas Winter Scene and Fiber Optic Lighted Stars

The red Kurt Adler musical ball with revolving scene is illuminated with fiber optic lights. Watch with delight as the winter scene revolves within the ornament. Enjoy the magical winter scene where ice skaters enjoy the winter night under star lit skies.

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